Teacher in New St. Soldier Sr. Sc. School. Myself Rupa first of all I want to say that I am very much impressed by the treatment of my gynecologist. I have a severe problem of hair growth on the stomach. A lot of hair was on my stomach. I can’t pay a heavy amount of treatment of laser that cost me Indian Rs. 36,000 /- which is very big amount for every person. Then, my doctor told me that you first wax your stomach, after waxing when your pores of skin get open then apply a herbal pure Ayurvedic medicine on your belly, what will happen actually this medicine will go deep into pores of skin and it will burn the root of hair. With the passage of time i.e. for five months I had applied this Ayurvedic medicine. Gradually my hair of stomach become less and very thin too. Now it is not like before thick and black. I am happy. I can wear saree which I could not wear before.I am very much satisfied. As laser treatment is very expensive and has side effects and even the doctors can’t give guarantee. Out of all this I want to say everybody should use this Ayurvedic medicine and feel the difference..


I have thick chin hair and I have been threading every week for the past 6 yrs and I wanted a long term solution, my family friend told me about BR's hair hinder, its totally herbal NO CHEMICALS. I bought it and have been applying for almost a month now and I can see visible changes (the hair growth is less by 50% now) I m so happy and now I recommend it to all who suffer from same problem. THANKS TO HAIR HINDER.

Results may vary from Person to Person

C.Reginald sent the Email on Tuesday, 25 September 2012 9:44 PM - Please find attached my wife's testimony after using BR.Hair Hinder

I am a 39 years old working woman living in Tamilnadu. I had unwanted hair problem. While browsing the internet I came across Mr. Amit Bhandari’s wonderful Herbal liquid BR.HAIR HINDER. I ordered a 100 ml bottle immediately. I started using it and Within 6 months unwanted Hairs started disappearing. Thanks a lot to Mr. Amit Bhandari for this valuable herbal product.

Results may vary from Person to Person

DIPIKA MAZUMDAR Details of Your condition before & after use for at least 3 sessions

I had 30ml bottle and used it for 2 session on lower face.Side locks n cheek hair has reduced ,but chin and upper hasn't gt a noticeable developement yet..

Results may vary from Person to Person

PRATHYUSHA Details of Your condition before & after use for at least 3 sessions

Hi I am very happy to found and use an perfect product for hair hinder i see results from 1st use..

Results may vary from Person to Person

SHWETASRI PRAVEEN Details of Your condition before & after use for at least 3 sessions

Hair growth has been reduced. i had dark marks on my chin even those have been reduced. thanks to br hair hinder

Results may vary from Person to Person


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