BR Hair Hinder

Permanent Hair Removal, Unwanted Hair Growth Solution

2 out of 10 Girls / Guys have hair on whole BODY :(

Safe effective easy way to End to Hair Growth from roots..! :)

*BR. HAIRHINDER – Reducing the Roots with Lotion / Tablets

  • Pull out hairs from their roots
  • Doctor Recommended
  • Easy to Use at home comfort
  • Herbal Extracts High quality
  • All products are well maintained
  • Cost effective and Cash on Delivery in India

Actual Patient Before and After Treatment

Unwanted Hair Removal, Hair Removal Solution

What is *BR.HairHinder?

Neem Seed Extract – Act as Antiseptic gives deter effect on the hair root
Pterocarpus santalinus Extract – Skin whitening
Onosma bracteatum as anticeptic Atropa Belladona on reducing skin Inflammation & swift healing after waxing or plucking. This indirectly helps to block the roots from growing again.
Saw Palmetto Berry Extract - Gives cutting effect on the hair shaft
Anacyclus pyrethrum Extract – Skin enhancer to block hair
Rosa damascena Extract – as skin softener
Mesua ferrea Extract – skin whitening

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Stop Hair Growth on Face

Aloevera Extract – Skin carrier to get the extracts deep into the hair roots.

USD $11

Easy Safe Simple Effective Method to solve this ODD Unwanted Hair on Skin (Hirsutism) Just..

USD $11 or INRs. 770/-


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Hair Removal Products, Hair Growth Stopper

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*BR.HairHinder Hormone Balancing Tablets

Hair Removal, End to Hair Growth

$9 USD

Female Hormone Balancing Tablets
3 Tablets every day for 25 days...
1 Tablet 1 hour before each meal with warm water or Red/Green colour fruit or vegetable Juice.
Do not use or Reduce during 4 days of Menstrual Flow.
570Rs. - 80 tablets
Easy Safe Simple Effective Herbal Extracts to help resolve Hormonal Imbalances - reason for (Unwanted Hair growth)

Unwanted Hair Removal, Stop Hair Growth on Face

Br hair hinder

Laser therapy

Liquid herbal Extract to be used at Home

Laser therapy by Dermatologist in Hospital?

Easy to USE with Finger

Therapy has to be performed by an Expert?

Takes only few seconds to apply

Takes hours of planning & procedure?

Repeat twice daily for 1 week at Home

Repeat 8 to 15 times in sessions of Therapy?

Very Soothing to the skin

Irritating, Burning & Redness on the Skin?

No Adverse colour change of Skin

Skin becomes Dark on Light coloured at the site?

Antiseptic on Infection due to plucking

Laser Therapy increase the risk of Infection?

No Cream is required after application

Creams are required to cover the sideeffects?

Safe in pregnancy

Not Safe in Pregnancy?

Just $37 for 120ml (2400 drops) for 8 to 10 sessions

Costs USD $855- USD$1700 for 8-10 sessions India

*BR. Hair Hinder- Reducing the roots (only for external use) - is a UNIQUE Researched HERBAL LIQUID which is effective and easy to use at home. It does not cause any irritation on the skin and is thus very safe. The herbal extract liquid should be used from the day of plucking or removing the unwanted hair from the affected area. You just need to apply it after washing the area with any dry Toilet (Dettol) soap - twice daily (once at bed time and other any time during day) for at least 1 week from the day of plucking (called 1 session). It is a dropper bottle and you should shake the bottle well before use. These fine herbal extract particles go deep into the open hair pores (after hair being plucked) and make the roots dead. This reduces the growth of hairs which are plucked well and retard the growth from the roots in which external shaft breaks while plucking. It is an after-wax lotion which is complete effective in reduceping hair growth by making roots dead.

So, when ever some hair growth comes in the area next time - you just need to pluck or wax and then apply *BR. Hair Hinder at home for 1 week. It takes 3-5 sessions to have visible change. Keep on applying like this for as many sessions as required until hair growth in the area is nil. This gives smooth skin with no discolouration - without using costly therapies with irritating side effects. Note- If the lady has any menstrual problem or hormonal imbalance or PCOD, then the hair may not go away until she has the problem; but even in this case the hair growth becomes weak and negligible with regular use of *BR.Hair Hinder :)

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*BR. H A I R H I N D E R...

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Mr. Amit Bhandari
American Ayurvedic Research Scholar
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WHY millions Need to Reduce the roots - *BR. HairHinder safe, herbal, effective, home use method to reduce and gradually end to hair growth. 5–10% of all females in the world are suffering from unwanted Body Hair growth called Hirsutism. Only in India 65 million females are recognized having unwanted body - face hair. This imbalance is increasing at a very rapid rate.

Hirsutism is the excessive growth of thick, dark terminal hair in women in locations that are more typical of male hair patterns (e.g. moustache, side burns, beard, central chest, shoulders, arms, lower abdomen, back, inner thigh).

Female body hair (hirsutism) can be the cause of significant mental trauma and low self-esteem, where much importance is given to physical appearances. Hirsutism, even in its mildest form, may be viewed as a presumptive loss of femininity, and poses as serious cosmetic problem for the women.

World renowned Research Scholar Mr. Amit working with Americans from years has helped thousands of patients to find logical easy solution to reduce the hair roots. Skin is the biggest organ. Hair growth on skin outside is due to imbalances inside the body. Kilograms of genetically modified food with chemical hormones that female eat every day are slowly damaging their delicate body.

*BR.HairHinder Pills and Lotion work on the roots and inside the body to solve the problem completely and easily. It’s safe, effective, economical and you get Free guidance from the Doctors’ team. Complete guidance about how to reduce hair growth from the root.

Unwanted Hair Removal on Face
Hair Problem Solution

*BR.HairHinder - 30ml. Dropper Bottle (Smaller, sensitive areas or simply for testing initially on a small area)

Common Area for which 30ml. unit of *BR.HairHinder would be sufficient Approx. number of sessions of 1 week each with 30ml.(600drops)

Upper Lip




Nape of Neck


Bikini Line






Side Burn


*BR.HairHinder - 120ml. Dropper Economy pack Bottle (Generally for larger areas or continuous use in chronic cases)

Common Area for which 120ml. unit of *BR.HairHinder would be sufficient Approx. number of sessions of 1 week each with 120ml.(2400Drops)

Legs ½

6 – 8

Legs Full

3 – 4


6 – 8


3 – 4


3 –

Usage based on 2 applications daily for 1 week after waxing (i.e. total of 14 applications per waxing, plucking or epilating session). Amount of product used will vary considerably with: Size of person/ body part/ Dryness/ absorbency of skin.

*BR. Hair Hinder Cash on DELIVERY Parcel will reach your HOME in Max. 3 to 4 working days in anywhere in INDIA)

^^Research References

Azziz R, Carmina E, Sawaya ME. Idiopathic hirsutism, Endocr Rev. 2000;21(4):347-62.

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**In our testimonials, we have been requested by the patients not to disclose the contact telephone numbers and full postal address as they are not conversant with responding to the queries. They used to get phone calls from other patients during undesired times causing personal disturbance. Therefore, we are constrained to withhold contact details of our patients.

DISCLAIMER : These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. The information provided on this website and in emails is for educational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for advice from your physician or other health care professional. You should not use the information on this website and emails to diagnose or treat any health problems or illnesses without first consulting with Mr. Bhandari. You should consult with a healthcare professional before starting any diet, exercise or supplementation program, before taking any medication, or if you have or suspect you might have a health problem.




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