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For *BR.HairHinder (End to Hair Growth) CASH ON DELIVERY in INDIA. (You will receive the C.O.D. Parcel in 3-5 working days)

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120ml. (2400 Drops) Economy Pack Rs.1770/- only (Big 22.3% discount)

*BR.HairHinder Hormone Balancing Tablets

80 Tab.(1month) Rs.370/-

160 Tab.(2months)Rs.700/-

240 Tab.(3months) Rs.1000/- (Big 11% Discount)

You will get the medicine along with the Prescription in your Name in next 3 to 5 working days.. SOMEONE SHOULD BE AT Your ADDRESS to RECEIVE *BR.HAIR HINDER PARCEL & GIVE THE CASH ON DELIVERY...

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30ml. (600 Drops)

120ml. (2400 Drops)

For International Shipping. Please add $27

Click to pay for International Shipping out of INDIA. This is standard shipping cost is for 3 bottles of 30ml or 120ml. Economy Pack. if you buy 1 or even upto 6 bottles the cost remains same.

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*BR. HAIR HINDER (End to Hair Growth)...Rs.570/-

Easy CASH on DELIVERY Possible / FREE Shipping in INDIA

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